Audio Sermons

 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1

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Date Title Speaker Audio
January 16, 2021 The Mark of the Vaccine (Online Recording) Pastor Patel Sermon
January 2, 2021 Two Classes of Worshipers Rhea Berger Sermon
December 12, 2020 The Ministry of healing - Prayer for the Sick Alan Carlson Sermon
November 7, 2020 Steps to Overcoming Sin Alan Carlson Sermon
October 31, 2020 Councils on Health Alan Carlson Sermon
October 17, 2020 Movement of Destiny Pastor Patel Sermon
October 10, 2020 The Holy Spirit is a Person Rhea Berger Sermon
September 26, 2020 Councils on Health Alan Carlson Sermon
September 12, 2020 Daily Decisions Kerry Nammany Sermon
September 5, 2020 The "Ministry of Heresies" Pastor Patel Sermon
August 29, 2020 Emotions Rhea Berger Sermon
August 22, 2020 A Strong Body Temple Alan Carlson Sermon
August 15, 2020 A Reed Shaken with the Wind Pastor Patel Sermon
August 8, 2020 The Beauty of Brokenness & Humility Alan Carlson Sermon
August 1, 2020 The Book of Books Alan Carlson Sermon
July 25, 2020 Voice of the Martyrs Hugh Smith Sermon
July 18, 2020 Keep Your Hand on the Plow Pastor Patel Sermon
July 11, 2020 The Creation Completed Rhea Berger Sermon
July 4, 2020 Let This Mind be in You Pastor Patel Sermon
June 27, 2020 Time of the End Kerry Nammany Sermon
June, 20, 2020 Which Alter Cain's or Abel's? Alan Carlson / Dean Coridan Video Sermon
May 16, 2020 Adventist History Part 2 (Online Recording) Pastor Patel Sermon
March 14, 2020 Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled Alan Carlson Sermon
March 7, 2020 Constant Communion Pastor Patel Sermon
February 29, 2020 Perfecting Our Christian Character Part 3 Alan Carlson Sermon
February 22, 2020 Perfecting Our Christian Character Part 2 Alan Carlson Sermon
February 15, 2020 The Last Deception Part 3 Pastor Patel Sermon
February 8, 2020 The Law of God and The Law of Christ Rhea Berger Sermon
February 1, 2020 The Last Deception Part 2 Pastor Patel Sermon
January 25, 2020 Perfecting Our Christian Character Part 1 Alan Carlson Sermon
January 11, 2020 Faith That Works Rhea Berger Sermon
January 4, 2020 The Last Deception Part 1 Pastor Patel Sermon